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[101108] Chess @ Ten Ten Club

13 Nov

I actually don’t know the date but this was uploaded on the 8th via Nate. They sang both their songs Echo and Heart~

[101107] Chess performs “Echo”

11 Nov

On the latest episode of M Super Concert, duo Chess (Kim Woo Joo & Choi Young Joon) performed their title track “Echo.” Woo Joo has been back to his usual black hair for a couple weeks now while Young Joon is still rocking his long and tied back hair-do ^^

[101031] Chess @ Park Kyung Lim Starry Radio

3 Nov

Chess was recently on Park Kyung Lim’s Starry Radio performing their title track “Echo.”

I think they sounded really good and you could hear their voices very clearly since the back track wasn’t that loud.

Kim Woo Joo at the mart~

3 Sep

He plays the piano/keyboard lol and then Young Joon decides to join him…..

[100901] Chess @ M Rookies

1 Sep

Duo Chess was on M Rookies yesterday performing their debut track “Echo.” Furthermore, a little cute video of them playing chess is included ^_^

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[100818] Chess performs @ M Super Concert~

24 Aug

The two did well and sound great live~

[100806] Chess @ Sketchbook

7 Aug

On the 6th, new duo Chess (Kim Woo Joo, Choi Young Joon) were one of few guests on Sketchbook. Other than performing their debut track “Echo”, they also sang a cover, talked and Woo Joo sang for Yoo Hee Yeol XD

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