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[101210] Chun G on Music Bank

10 Dec

Chun G performs “Stay” on Music Bank~ I really love his voice and I hope that he continues to perform for us ^_^

[101204] Chun G returns with “Stay” on Music Core~

3 Dec

Chun G dyed his hair to a more “neutral” color instead of that shocking blonde from the last time he performed. His live performance was great, as always but ended way too short T_T

[101022] Chun G returns with “Stay” on Music Bank!

22 Oct

To prepare myself to watch his comeback stage, I listened to “Stay” for about half an hour. I was expecting to see Chun G dressed up in a tailored suit and looking the same like from last year, but instead, he was wearing some jeans and dyed his hair blonde~ o-o It was a huge surprise but the thing I most definitely know that was the same from last year is his vocals. They’re still so good ^^ But I’m still getting use to the new look~

Chun G returns with single “Stay”

20 Oct

Though the song “Stay” was one of the songs off his first album released early last year, I’m very happy he released something for this year. Back in June, he was also featured in Snofeel’s track “제자리.”

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Chun G, his debut track “A Weak Man” featured Yoo Bin of Wonder Girls’ short rap in the beginning. The song was very good and showcased his young but smooth flowing vocals.

Lets hope that he can also get to perform “Stay.” (*edit: He is listed as one of the performers on Music Bank! ^^)


Snofeels releases “제자리” featuring Chun G

13 Jun

Chun G debuted last year with his song “Weak Man” featuring Yoobin of Wondergirls. I enjoyed his first album and am totally super glad he’s back. And Snofeel, I reviewed his album last year also. It was pretty nice ^_^

This song they feature together is really nice. It’s lovely to hear Chun G and Snofeel again =)