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Chung Lim off to the army

2 Aug

Chung Lim, who has disappeared since his last single in early 2010 with a few shows he also participated in up until earlier this year, has quietly entered the army. I’m not entirely sure when but from one of his fan’s Cyworld, you can see below him and the rest of his group.

The Chinese drama “Queen of Coffee” that he acted in was suppose to broadcast this July. I am not too sure if it already has or not.

See you in two years Chung Lim!

credits; Cyworld

[101222] Chung Lim for Teams Polham

28 Dec

Wow, it has been ages since I last updated on Chung Lim. Yeah, I’ve been SO out of it. T_T So much to update on, but there’s only one me…sad…Anywho, enjoy some pictures of him ^^ I’m going to try and update “regularly” on him again. I’ll try.

Below the cut are more Polham pics
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[101012] Dia poses with Chung Lim

11 Oct

What a small world of underrateds~ First, it was Dia posing with Navi, now with Chung Lim~ So cute XDD I forgot where I viewed the schedule, but I did see that they were performing at the same event.

She wrote under the picture at her Cyworld
“Chung Lim
very handsome keke”

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[100724] Chung Lim Pic Updates~

24 Jul

I’m not sure what these were for (probably for clothing, etc.) but I found them off his fan cyworld and had to share them ^_^

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Chung Lim & Kim Sung Ah “Daily Married Man” Preview~

18 Jul

I’m not sure how and where to watch the full episodes of this show but I’m going to try and find out soon.

Chung Lim “Daily Married Man” Trailer~

8 Jul

kya~ lucky luck girls lol and he’s so cute in the video…I’m sure he’s just as excited.

[100627] Blacklist, Dia & Chung Lim @ The M Wave

29 Jun

Dia performs Knock with A-mic, Blacklist performs their debut track Stop and Chung Lim dances to First Class =)

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