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[100406] Seung Mo Cyworld Update

5 Apr

He privated his pictures for about a month, maybe….but he opened it back up..

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[100221] Seung Mo Cyworld Update

22 Feb

sad to see his lonely pics…and he wrote a weird diary entry…i didn’t get it though

[100218] Seung Mo Cyworld Pic Update

19 Feb

XD yay, he’s updating…but I wonder what D. Caprio is doing though. =(

[100211] D.Caprio’s Seung Mo Cyworld Update

13 Feb

omo! Seung Mo updated his cyworld. It’s been a truely long time and I’m excited to see his new pics XD

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[Profile] D. Caprio

12 Jan

first featured underrated artist of the month on Soompi, let me introduce D. Caprio to the blog ^^ I love them. Period. They aren’t your typical boy group, or maybe they are, I don’t know but all I know is that I love love their first and only single…that  I cannot find to download because I lost a lot of music files from my old mp3 player -_-

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