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December on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

6 Nov

After about 3.5 hours I finished downloading, cutting and editing and uploading December’s performance cut on Sketchbook. They were, of course, FANTASTIC!!

They covered Brown Eyed Soul’s “Did You Really Love?” and their title song “Girls Like Bad Guys.”

Download link and something special below the cut.

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December debuts on Music Bank!

6 Nov

Just shoot me. No but really, they are fantastic! Their voices are superb and I think I’m in love haha.


Pic spam under the cut!

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December’s Cellphone wallpapers

6 Nov

I just finished watching them debut on Music Bank live streaming and it was fantastic! They do not even look like themselves in the pictures that i got confused who was who. I’ll post a new entry with a video link. All I have to say is amazing~ They are truly amazing!

But anyway, here are cellphone wallpapers. ^^

under the cut!

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December’s MV is released~

26 Oct

So it’s finally here. The acting was done pretty okay and the songs sound pretty nice. I’m looking forward to them live. I know they are going to be on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook on the 30th so I’m super excited to see how great they sound.

I also updated their profile with their b-days & their height/weight ^^

[Profile] December

22 Oct

December is a new male duo debuting this month. So far they have pretty nice voices and they kind of have a little bit of hype. We’ll see if they turn out to be underrated or not but until then, here’s their profile ^^


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