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[101107] Deevine @ Inkigayo

7 Nov

Deevine performs his follow up track “Propose” on Inkigayo. Compared to “Bad”, I personally prefer this song. It sounds very sweet and touching =)

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[101105] Deevine & Woo Joo @ Music Bank

5 Nov

Deevine was on Music Bank with his follow-up song “Propose” while Woo Joo is back with “Happy Together.” Two lovely men with great voices ^-^ Hope you guys enjoy it~

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[101024] Deevine & Rare @ Live Power Music

26 Oct

Rare and Deevine were on the most recent airing of Live Power Music. Enjoy their performances below ^_^

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[101017] Bohemian, Deevine, A-mi with Dia & Miss S @ The M Wave

18 Oct

On this week’s episode of The M Wave, we have Bohemian with “Love Letter”, Deevine with “Bad”, A-mi and Dia’s duet track “Sunshine Love” and Miss S’s “Older & None the Wiser” featuring Jung Seul Gi ^-^

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[101010] Deevine, Kan Jong Wook & Park Ki Young @ The M Wave

12 Oct

We have fresh faces on The M Wave this week. Deevine performs his new upbeat track Bad, while Park Ki Young returns with her 7th album title track The Lights. On the other hand, we have J2 member Kan Jong Wook with his new single track B.O.Y. (Because of You).

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Deevine does rock cover of Secret’s Madonna~

11 Oct

Deevine’s latest cover is of Secret’s Madonna~ It’s a pretty short cover but still pretty awesome to listen to.

If you guys haven’t heard Deevine’s other covers, check them out @ SJgRoove

[100925] Deevine makes his comeback on Music Core~

25 Sep

Deevine made his comeback on Music Core last night with his title track Bad. The song’s pretty okay and hope to see more performances soon ^_^

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