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New MVs: DOZ’s Love is Over & Bad Boy

4 May

DOZ is a hilarious duo (Jun Sung and Ki Wook) who does not place a limit on music genre. They continually release catchy songs back to back filled with humor and trend. The two just released their newest album “Love is Over” consisting of a short but beautiful interlude, two new tracks “Bad Boy” and “Love is Over” and a piano remix track of one of their hits “Arigato Gozaimasu.”

They have released two music videos for “Love is Over” and “Bad Boy.” The videos make you laugh because of their dorkiness but the music is just perfect.

You can check out the two music videos below. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for the next parts of the videos that will come out on their Youtube channel! Look forward to them soon and remember to support them~

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[110323] Barbara, DOZ & Garam @ M Rookies

24 Mar

Barbara’s debut performance with “내버려 둬 (Give Me A Break)” absolutely did not look like a rookie’s performance. She sounded amazing live and her stage presence was great. This is also Garam’s debut performance with “헤어진 그대 (Breaking Up With You) featuring Soul Harmony’s Ga Yeon. Along with those performances, hilarious and talented hip hop DOZ graces the stage with their newest hit “Yay (Yaho).”

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[110224] DOZ debuts on M!Countdown

24 Feb

This hilariously awesome hip hop duo finally debuts on M!Countdown. Although I’m more attracted to their other songs, it’s great seeing them live and this new song is pretty good too ^^ I really love it when Jun Sung sings XD

New MV: DOZ’s Would Love To Meet Other Women

25 Jan

DOZ is a humorous hip hop duo (유준성 (Yoo Jun Sung), 이기욱 (Lee Ki Wook)) under Sniper Sound (Outsider, L.E.O, etc.) Their music videos are super hilarious but the thing that might surprise you is that their music is actually quite good =) They are quite unique and is one of the artists that you “must” know. If you want to get a good laugh and enjoy good music, they will definitely fulfill that for you ^-^

Want to know more about them? View some of their videos below, especially their “Arigatou Gojyaimasu” video XDDDDDDD I will definitely have to make a profile for them soon. Too good to miss out on.

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