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New singles: BeBe Mignon & EVAS

31 Oct

Today we have two new female trios~ Created by Vibe’s Yoon Min Soo, BeBe Mignon releases their first EP “잘해준 것 밖에 없는데” while EVAS releases their debut single “혼자살래.”


Evas’ “I Want To Live Alone” MV

31 Oct

Seems like the MV for Evas’ I Want To Live Alone was uploaded a couple days ago on Naver. Their official site also had the music video but it wouldn’t load for me (and I tried on three different browsers) but I’ll try to get ahold of the other (?) versions. Their first single is set to release on the 1st (Korea Standard Time).

I kind of think that the song is pretty good. It may just be my personal opinion but once you listen to it more and more, it gets catchier~

[Profile] Evas

31 Oct

Evas is a new trio who debuted on Inkigayo today! I really liked their song and think it was a good live performance for their first stage. It wasn’t perfect, of course, but I’m very excited to hear more from them ^^

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