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[110603] Free Star’s Seul Ah & Danbi Photoshoot

9 Jun

Here I have Free Star’s Seul Ah and Danbi’s photoshoot video fancam & a few pictures I found off of Lee Ah In Sarang’s Cyworld. Very cute. I wonder what it’s for.

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[110504] Free Star & FM Family “FM House” Cafe Pic Shooting

3 May

Free Star debuted last year with their single “Diss.” They debuted as four members (CEO, TK, Min Jung & Dam Yoo.) They made a sub-group with new members Lee Ah In Sarang and Seul Ah. Sadly, now CEO is the only remaining original member. The current members are Seul Ah, Lee Ah In Sarang, CEO, Danbi and the newest member 큐즈.

Here are their FM (Fly Music) Family cafe “FM House” pictorial shooting & a recent “Diss” performance with the new members. It just doesn’t feel like Free Star to me anymore but…we’ll see how it goes.

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[110406] Free Star new album jacket

7 Apr

Here are some more new Free Star album jacket photos~~

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New member joins Free Star + preview of new pictures

2 Apr

As previously stated before, members Dam Yoo and Arim (Min Jung) left the group. The fifth member to join Free Star is Danbi. Danbi is a trainee who has trained for a few years under Fly Music.

*left to right: Lee Ah In Sarang, Danbi, Seul Ah, TK & CEO

Under the cut is some of the new pictures. I hope this time around they have a more successful release.

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[110331] Free Star shoots for new jacket cover

30 Mar

Earlier I reported that Dam Yoo and Arim (Min Jung) left the group but Free Star will return as five. So far the fifth member hasn’t been revealed yet but I’m guessing it’s one of Fly Music’s trainees. I really hope this time around they are more successful. I will really miss Arim (because she was the strongest vocal) and Dam Yoo.

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Dam Yoo & Arim leaves Free Star, new member to be added

29 Mar

I was at Free Star’s fan cafe and found some saddening news. Free Star is currently in between auditions for a new member. Dam Yoo and Arim (Min Jung) has pulled out of the group due to personal reasons. The current Free Star consists of Lee Ah In Sarang, Seul Ah, TK and CEO. A new member will be added into the group to make them five. They are expected to release their third single later this year.

Poopie news T_T

[110316] Free Star’s TK Blog Update

16 Mar

Free Star’s rapper TK updates her Cyworld with two pictures, showing off her newly dyed hair. Although she went back to black hair color, it gives her a younger appearance.

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