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[110422] Garam & Ga Yeon @ MTV The Show

24 Apr

Garam and Ga Yeon of Soul Harmony performs their duet 헤어진그대 on MTV’s The Show.

[110410] Garam, Maronie Girl, Tamyo & Young Gun @ Live Power Music

12 Apr

Garam performs Breaking Up With You with Ga Yeon of Soul Harmony, while Maronie Girl returns on stage with Taming the Bad Guy. Young Gun showcases their strong vocals with their newest song 그녈욕하지말아요 (Don’t Leave Her) while underground band Tamyo performs their track Leave.

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[110323] Barbara, DOZ & Garam @ M Rookies

24 Mar

Barbara’s debut performance with “내버려 둬 (Give Me A Break)” absolutely did not look like a rookie’s performance. She sounded amazing live and her stage presence was great. This is also Garam’s debut performance with “헤어진 그대 (Breaking Up With You) featuring Soul Harmony’s Ga Yeon. Along with those performances, hilarious and talented hip hop DOZ graces the stage with their newest hit “Yay (Yaho).”

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Ga Yeon of Soul Harmony featured in Garam’s “Break Up” single

3 Mar

Female vocalist Ga Yeon of Soul Harmony features in male solo singer Garam’s first single “헤어지다 (Break Up).” The ballad track “헤어진 그대 is composed by Jo Jae Yoon (Bad Boss) and with Ga Yeon’s emotional voice and Garam’s husky voice, it makes a great duet.

Garam is one of the members of Club Soul, Ga Yeon’s previous group.