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[101110] B’ Brown, ENS & Guyz @ M Rookies

10 Nov

We have male power in this batch of videos from M Rookies~ B’ Brown is on stage with “Nobody Knows” along with his cover of Sung Shi Kyung’s “The Road To Me” while we have Guyz performing their latest awesome rock track “New Stage.” Make sure to check out all the performances!

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[101107] B’Brown, Guyz, H.Jung, etc. @ Live Power Music

9 Nov

This week on Live Power Music, we have a lot of new artists~ Ranging from soft R&B vocals B’Brown to new trot singer Sun Duk, there’s a variety of performances that you guys should give a try. Remember that once you watch these performances, if you’re interested in them, make sure to request for their profile! But I’ll probably have them up this week anyway ^-^

Guyz ‘New Stage’ Japanese version MV is out~

21 Sep

Guyz is not a new band but released their 6th single a few weeks ago. Today, the music video for the Japanese version of the song is out~~

I love the song~ The Korean version was already super good and well, the Japanese version is just fabulous =)

[100915] Blacklist, Guyz & Navi @ M Rookies

15 Sep

This week at M Rookies, we have the talented hip hop duo Blacklist, ‘Queen of covers’ Navi and rock band Guyz~

Though I like the show because it gives a lot of underrateds spotlight, I don’t like how it’s ‘rookies’ when some of the artists who goes on the show aren’t even rookies~ I just don’t like how if an artist is not a rookie like say Navi and Guyz, people might mistaken them for one…Anyway, I love the performances =)

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