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Han Una’s photos by Lee Jeong Yeon

27 Sep

Lee Jeong Yeon is a photographer who has photographed Han Una before when she released her first EP last year. I share some pictures (some are pictures I have previously uploaded but are in different angles) from the photographer. I love looking at Han Una photos because she is very photogenic~ =)

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[100910] Han Una in ‘The King is the King’

10 Sep

Han Una is acting in a new musical that started from the 3rd and ends on the 19th.

It has already passed half the show
Now coming to work in the theater is not awkward anymore
It took several times, the fluttering and strembling standing on the stage
I feel a lot of sense of duty
It’s different but pleasant

Today I’ll try to do my scene on the stage

Han Una releases “Crazy Without You” MV + pictures~

26 Aug

I have to say I really liked the song =) And for the MV, I knew that whatever happened in there was going to happen, somewhat. Interesting side of her~ Hope that she will perform on music shows soon ^^

Under the cut you can see her new photos~

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Han Una’s comeback ballad “Crazy Without You” MV teaser released~

25 Aug

Fifteen months after her debut, ulzzang actress/singer Han Una Crazy Without You today. In the video, you are able to see her with a man, but it’s somewhat a mystery with how the video plot is because of a broken wine glass and her puzzling expression. Han Una spent six months in Paris studying music because when she debuted, due to the lack of preparation and understanding of music, her debut was disappointing.

Please look forward to the full release tomorrow~

Han Una: D-4 “Without You I Go Crazy”

22 Aug

Only four more days until Han Una returns with her comeback ballad “그대없이 난 미쳐 (Without you I go crazy).” She writes on her Twitter “The MV editing has ended. D-4 Ah, I’m trembling.”

I’m super excited, are you guys? =)

Han Una: D-10 until new single release

16 Aug

Via Han Una’s Twitter, she wrote

D-10 음원 공개 임박.
D-10 sound source open to the public

And that means that her new single will be released around the 27th (in Korea) since that is ten days from now. Hopefully she can promote it on the music shows also because there are A LOT of comebacks this month and next~

Han Una making fall comeback with a ballad

11 Aug

Via her Cyworld, she writes
“the second album is a ballad
becoming sad in the fall….”

I can’t wait =) I’ve been waiting for her comeback since she stopped promotions for “Mannequin” last year. “Mannequin” was a song produced by the Brave Brothers and was a dance song. I followed her since because I was fascinated by her beauty. XD