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New MV: Sora’s The More I See I Like

28 Jul

Duo Harasora member Sora releases her debut solo album! Her unique vocals bring out a lovely and warm feeling in her track “볼수록 니가 좋아 (The More I See I Like).”

New MV: Harasora’s You Are the Miracle of My Life

3 May

Duo Harasora releases their second single music video “You Are the Miracle of My Life.” It’s an upbeat song that still retains their cuteness throughout the video~ Harasora consists of Kil Hara and Yoo Sora. They debuted in February.

Harasora releases MV teaser for “You Are the Miracle of My Life”

30 Apr

Although the music video teaser to their new track “넌 내 인생의 기적 (You Are the Miracle of My Life)” looks like it might be a ballad track, it contains some rap and a somewhat slower melody compared to their debut song “Bbo Bbo Bbo”, however, still retaining their cuteness. Looking forward to the release on May 4th.

You will be able to hear part of the new song in the recording video clip below.

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Duo Harasora releases “Bbo Bbo Bbo” MV

15 Feb

Consisting of 22-year-olds Yoo Sora and Kil Hara, this bubbly duo has released their first MV for “Bbo Bbo Bbo (Kiss Kiss Kiss)”, a song with lovely lyrics and a bright melody. A few days ago, they went around Kang Nam and Sora exchanged kisses to some of the people walking around, in which you can view the video below the cut.

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