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Heum performed JJ live

4 Mar

@ Cafe Veloso
November 1st, 2009

pretty awesome. i didn’t think i’d get to see them live but they actually have a few videos of them performing. i’ll upload them tomorrow or so.

[Profile] Heum

24 Oct

Heum is a indie jazz band that released their first album in May. As requested their profile info is under the cut. However, before you read any further, I checked out their music video for their song “JJ” and I have to say the song is so soothing and beautiful. It sounds like it was taken off from an OST. There’s a certain instrumental part that is very alluring but since I’m not a pro at telling what it is…you’ll just have to listen to it. If you haven’t listened to it, go listen to it! I’m still finding their album though T_T. Though listening to mainstream Korean music and/or Kpop is amusing sometimes it’s nice to stride away from that. Enjoy!



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