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[100404] Dia & Homme @ MTV The M

27 Apr

like finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’ve been waiting to get ahold of these clips…and yesterday night when I wanted to upload them, Youtube decided to add two minutes to the video so I had to reconvert them but…you get the point. I couldn’t upload it until now =)

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Homme’s leader Park Sung Kook 미치도록 Solo

21 Apr

I loved it~ and the beginning was funny because for some reason, he wanted to start over lol…

Homme performs @ MTV The M

23 Mar

The other day I saw their name as the list of performers and was trying to find the video and it’s out today…and after watching it…I can’t stop haha It’s great to see them live

[Profile] Homme

18 Mar

Really like their debut single. Will try to find more info later.

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