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Ilac (LaKinRad) releases new EP “Rest”

21 Apr

Ilac releases a new EP “Rest” under the name “Lakinrad.” The title track “Coffee Lover” has a sweet indie-ish feel. You can listen to it below ^^

Moim Project releases 2nd single “한번만 봐주라”

10 Mar

Formed last September, Moim Project consists of soloist Ilac and Z:Min and rapper Mazik Flow. Together, they release their second single “한번만 봐주라.”

I really like the song. It’s an upbeat ballady track, filled with Mazik Flow’s swift smooth rap and singing, along with the pair of Ilac and Z:Min’s strong yet touching vocals.

Ilac collabs with Outsider for “장난친거”

25 Jan

Although Outsider has already enlisted in the military, you can still hear him in this collaboration with solo singer Ilac was released today. Ilac’s powerful voice alongside Outsider’s smooth rap creates an upbeat and refreshing track =)

[101106] Navi & Ilac’s dialogue @ Shim Shim Ta Pa

6 Nov

This is to die for. Listening to Shindong’s laugh along with Navi and Ilac speaking in Korean and Japanese is pure awesomeness. I’ve listened to it repeatedly and just laughing to myself, even though I don’t understand anything XD

[101010] Ilac fancams~

16 Oct

It’s really nice to see him singing live ^-^….he’s just been on radio shows and stuff and that kind of stuff I don’t listen to often…so seeing performances, even if fancam, is nice

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Ilac & Mazik Flow is “Moim Project”

18 Sep

As a radio DJ, Ilac, with his soft tone and melodies joins rapper Mazik Flow and excellent amateur singer Z:MIN together for this project group. This reminds me of Ilac’s other project group “Voice One”, the group with Jang Hye Jin and Monday Kiz. However, this time, this project group is caressed with Mazik Flow’s nice rap and a new singer so it is kind of refreshing.

Listen to the song below~

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Ilac releases summer single “조각입니다”

4 Aug

This upbeat and cheerful song featuring Mazik Flow is a perfect hit for the summer =)

View the pictures with this single under the cut~

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