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Woo Joo & JD on Music Core (March 6th, 2010)

5 Mar

Woo Joo performing “Please Don’t Leave Me”

and JD singing “One Person” from the OST of Hero

[Profile] JD

5 Mar

I forgot how I heard about JD but I really like his song Baby and the song he sings for Hero OST is pretty nice.

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Music Bank (January 8, 2010)

8 Jan

I’m not sure I want to continue uploading -_-…I already have one warning…and my two of my videos got disabled (H-Eugene ft. Navi and Yoon Seo Jin’s)……they both had the most views, not much but still the most of all the ones I uploaded so far…..If I stop I will probably just put up other people’s videos…hehe


Line up: Lucy, AB Avenue, JD, Yoon Seo Jin, Lyn, and KCM

Lucy with “1 Year 365 Days”

I like the song ^^ and the way she dressed on stage, I’ve seen before but it’s cute ;D
I posted her profile up not too long ago also ^^ I’m happy she performed.

more performances under the cut

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