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New MV: Jersey Brother’s Sorry

13 Nov

Parody singer Lee Jae Soo (38) comes back as 저지 브라더(Jersey Brother) after seven years. The band is a 12-member band and just released their first MV “Sorry.” It is a mix of pop ballad filled with a retro rhythm.

The members consist of Lee Jae Soo himself, 이승주 (Lee Seung Joo, producer), 이루리(Lee Ru Ri, Keyboard), 김왕준(Kim Wang Joon, Bass), 김민찬( Kim Min Chan, Drum,) 이인성(Lee In Sung, Saxophone), 조효진(Jo Hyo Jin, Trumpet), 김동현(Kim Dong Hyun, Trombone) and 김혜령 (Kim Hye Ryung), 오대호 (Oh Dae Ho), and 정호영 (Jun Ho Young) as chorus vocals.

The album, consisting of 13 tracks, took a lot of time to work on with direct recording, playing the music, writing the songs, mixing, etc.

They held their showcase at Hongdae rolling hall on the 11th with Lee Ru Ri’s project acapella band “Snow City.”

I personally am in love with the song~ ^^

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