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JM new pictures

4 Mar

new pictures from the new single I’m guessing? XD He looks cute as usual

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JM releases new single with Mr. King

4 Mar

I’m not sure who Mr. King is…XD…but the first track is an old one featuring Navi but the 2nd track is a new song.

미스터킹 (Mr. King), 제이엠 (JM) – 사랑하는 사람이 생겼습니다

01. 사랑하는 사람이 생겼습니다 (feat. Navi)
02. Love Again


Also, I know that some people have been downloading my songs and not crediting it back to me. I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t buy the songs but I did and so I’d appreciate it if whoever previously or plans to remove my tags and add theirs would not do that. It’s not a thing about promoting the blog or anything, it’s just that I bought all the songs off Mnet….

[Profile] Black/JM

16 Oct

Black now goes by the stage name of JM so I don’t know what you would like to call him. Usually I use the previous name but if they don’t use it anymore then I don’t know if I should too? Still the same person anyway. ^^

As requested, I put up his profile info but it’s not that I don’t know who he is and it’s not like I don’t like him. I also made his thread on Soompi. It’s sad that he didn’t get to perform much but he is still very young so I still see a good future up ahead for him.

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