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JQ & Han Soa releases “연애세포”

24 Apr

Singer-songwriters JQ and Han Soa team up for a duet song “연애세포.” It is an insert song for a K-Swiss CF. The song is off the Loview Music Part 7 single.

It’s a pretty upbeat track, showcasing Han Soa’s sweet vocals and JQ’s smooth rap.

JQ shares Loview Music Part 5 still cut picture

9 Aug

JQ shares on his Cyworld and Twitter on the 31st of July a still cut jacket photo for the new single for Loview Music Part 5. The release date is unknown but hope that it’s soon! ^^

JQ & Han So Ah releases Loview Music Part 4

10 Apr

JQ and Han So Ah unveils their newest single. With JQ’s smooth rap and Han So Ah’s deep but caressing vocals, the song is quite refreshing~

It’s always wonderful hearing/seeing the both of them working together not just singing/rapping but also composing/writing/arranging the lyrics to the song as well.

JQ & Han So Ah to release Loview Music Part 4.

7 Apr

JQ and Han So Ah’s new single will be released on April 11th. It will be the fourth installment of the Loview Music singles. The song is titled “혼자두지마.”

[CLOSED] Ask fan questions for JQ!

14 Feb


Thank you to those that participated. Sorry if you wanted to, but I have to submit my questions to JQ as soon as possible as the article is due before the month is over. Please watch out for the published interview. Thanks!

In the near future, I will hope to interview more artists (and also allow more time to ask questions) so do keep an eye out on underrated artists you guys like ^^


For those of you who aren’t familiar with JQ, he is a 28-year-old rapper/lyric composer and producer from TN Entertainment. He debuted in 2007 and has helped written the lyrics for idol groups like Shinee and f(x). He has also written some of his own lyrics and the lyrics with Han So Ah. For an upcoming article, I decided to interview JQ. At the moment I’m not sure whether he will reply back with just text or with a video. But I wanted to reach out to any possible fans of his and ask if you guys had any questions you’d like to ask ^^ I will be moderating the questions so please let them be appropriate. I won’t tell you guys whose questions I chose until the article is up. So…please do ask and show him he has some international fans. Thank you!

You can get a look of his music below if you don’t know who he is (or if you do, hey, it’s still nice to listen to him again). I will stop accepting questions by sometime tomorrow because I need to submit my article before the month is over (and send him the questions) so if you want to join in, be quick~ ^^

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[101209] Kan Jong Wook & JQ @ Live Power Music

13 Dec

Kan Jong Wook performs his song “B.O.Y. (Because of You)” and JQ performs his newest single title track “Melody.” ~ Both are catchy songs and both handsome men keke

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Han So Ah releases MV teaser for “Maybe”

24 Nov

Female singer Han So Ah is set to release her first single tomorrow. The single is titled “Can You Feel Ma Music.” It is produced by JQ and the title track “Maybe” also features none other than JQ himself. Han So Ah and JQ were part of the project group 2lepik Soul and has collaborated many times throughout the year. Check out the teaser below and please look forward to her single.