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1sagain releases new single “Don’t Go” with Ju Bora

22 Mar

Singer-songwriter 1sagain releases a new digital single “Don’t Go” featuring the vocalist Ju Bora. The song is an emotional-electronic track, a bit different from his previous releases (and I LOVE IT XDD) Hope that everyone enjoys the new track. 1sagain is also expected to release a new single on April 1st with Fatdoo.

Ju Bora releases “Cannot Say” with Amen

13 Mar

Ju Bora collabs with Amen for this new single “말도 못하고 (Cannot Say).” It showcases the sweet and deep voice of Ju Bora and Amen’s smooth rap.

Ju Bora releases “Before It’s Too Late”

5 Dec

Ju Bora’s new song is “더 늦기전에 (Before It’s Too Late)” featuring the rap by Amen. I’ve really missed her voice so I’m glad she’s back with a new song =) With Ju Bora’s refreshing and deep vocals along with the smooth rap by Amen, the song’s surely going to be on repeat!

1sagain&again Episode 4

15 Jul

ah, it’s been a very long while since he released a new episode ^_^

In this episode, we can see them singing live. <333

Ju Bora releases “No More Love” Single~

1 Jul

glad she’s back =) loving the song~

[100428] Ju Bora is fine

27 Apr

lol she wrote that she is just fine ^_^


[100415] Ju Bora Cyworld Update

15 Apr

she wrote “who are you?” under the picture XD
I wonder if it’s for an upcoming single or album? =) That’d be nice…but if not, she still looks gorgeous