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[110129] Beige, Kan Jong Wook, Navi, & Piggy Dolls @ Music Core

28 Jan

Female soloists Beige & Navi take up the stage on Music Core, along with male soloist Kan Jong Wook. On the other hand, trio Piggy Dolls performs their current track “Trend.”

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[101209] Kan Jong Wook & JQ @ Live Power Music

13 Dec

Kan Jong Wook performs his song “B.O.Y. (Because of You)” and JQ performs his newest single title track “Melody.” ~ Both are catchy songs and both handsome men keke

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[101024] Kan Jong Wook @ The M Wave

25 Oct

Kan Jong Wook performs his current track “B.O.Y. (Because of You)” on this week’s The M Wave

Kan Jong Wook’s “B.O.Y (Because of You)” MV released~

14 Oct

Kan Jong Wook released his newest single today and following that is his MV for the title track. The music video shows Kan Jong Wook singing about the girl in the video. He starts to burn up and in the end, he is engulfed in flames and turns to ashes.

I really love this song right now =)

New singles: JQ & Kan Jong Wook

14 Oct

Anticipated new singles released today, JQ’s “Melody (Without U)” and Kan Jong Wook’s “B.O.Y (Because of You) single is out today~ Do check them out~

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listen to the title tracks below~

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[101010] Deevine, Kan Jong Wook & Park Ki Young @ The M Wave

12 Oct

We have fresh faces on The M Wave this week. Deevine performs his new upbeat track Bad, while Park Ki Young returns with her 7th album title track The Lights. On the other hand, we have J2 member Kan Jong Wook with his new single track B.O.Y. (Because of You).

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