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[101109] Kim Woo Joo Cyworld Update~

8 Nov

Kim Woo Joo updated his cyworld with some selcas~ keke He’s so cute.

cr; Kim Woo Joo’s Cyworld

[101103] Kim Woo Joo Twitter Update

3 Nov

He only has 61 followers?! He’s not only an amazing singer but he really is the one to make my heart flutter every time I see his face. Kya~ Follow him ~ =)

Kim Woo Joo at the mart~

3 Sep

He plays the piano/keyboard lol and then Young Joon decides to join him…..

[100817] Kim Woo Joo at the pool

18 Aug

Kim Woo Joo uploaded these selcas of him at the pool, having a relaxing time~

*dream fulfilled XDD*

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Kim Woo Joo, Solbi & Mr. Gordo for 이퀘지레템바 OST

4 Jul

Kim Woo Joo pairs up with Solbi and Mr. Gordo for 이퀘지레템바 (희망의 별, Hope of Star) OST. The song’s really nice ^_^

[100623] Kim Woo Joo Cyworld Update~

23 Jun

ah, he’s so cute XD


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Chess releases MV teaser for “Echo”~

22 Jun

And the MV teaser is out for the new duo Chess~ Members are Kim Woo Joo and Choi Young Joon. I’m looking forward to the full release =) So far it sounds good ^^