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Crispi Crunch releases Not Crazy single

20 Feb

Hip hop group Crispi Crunch releases their newest single featuring the powerful vocals of Dia and duo MAC. Check out the songs below. They’re pretty good ^^

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[Profile] M.A.C.

17 Aug

You can see M.A.C being featured in a lot of songs that do sound really good. Sadly, they only have two official songs of their own. Let’s hope the both of them will release a new single or album soon =)

They will be featured on Soompi tomorrow =)

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1sagain to release new single~

17 Jun

01 여름이 좋은 날 feat.김현중 of M.A.C
Produced by 1sagain & STi

02 왠지 좋은 날 feat.HEX
Produced by 1sagain

Executive Producer 윤명석, Composer 이상현 Arranger 1sagain & STi, Lyricist 1sagain, 이상현 Vocal 김현중, HEX Chorus HEX Guitarist 이성렬, Recording Engineer 김현진 (Purple-I Studio), Mixing Engineer 1sagain, Mastering Engineer 1sagain, Jacket Designer STi

Underrated Artists on Music Bank (January 1, 2010)

1 Jan

I do not upload live performances anymore because  that’s the sole reason my accounts on Youtube get warned, however, I made a special account just for lives! Haha….the reason is because Navi was performing today and I couldn’t miss it for the world~ I still do not have internet at my house but I go to my uncle’s house daily to update…but I don’t stay overnight  (that’s when the performances are out but there are a few exceptions, like tonight)….But….I might re-consider that. I’m not sure yet.

Anyway, today I bring to you guys a few underrated artists that performed on Music Bank tonight.

View the videos under the cut!

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