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[110730] Magolpy Cyworld Update

30 Jul

Magolpy writes “Dr. Champ” on this new picture she uploads onto her Cyworld. She celebrated her birthday on the 29th.

[110520] Magolpy Cyworld Update

20 May

Magolpy went on an outing and shared some pictures on her Cyworld. She also attended a wedding~

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[110403] Magolpy to prepare for new album?

3 Apr

Magolpy wrote on her Cyworld many things. She met with a friend who she hasn’t met with for about a year. When she was a trainee, he taught her well about always believing in her dreams. Magolpy went for dancing lessons and talks about how her vocal lessons start on Monday. Her acting lessons will begin at the start of next month and she will then start preparing for her album in May.

*a picture from Nov. 2010 she uploaded today

I think she also mentioned she quit her job so she could take her lessons and that she plans to go back to college next year.

Wishing the best for Magolpy!

[110303] Magolpy Cyworld Update

3 Mar

Magolpy updates her Cyworld with a new dance video cover of Beyonce’s Crazy In Love. In the video is her dance teacher (left) and herself (right).

[110201] Magolpy Diary Update

1 Feb

Magolpy writes today on her Cyworld:

Chance it’ll rain today in Seoul

Tomorrow, “scale” shopping!
Goal weight…43kg (~94lbs)…but first goal
45kg (~99lbs)

Morning – rice
Lunch & dinner – Mom’s boxed fruit lunch

Original dry diet…I haven’t tried
if you have any ideas of a good diet, please share ^^

then….go go sing ~!! ^^

She also updated her profile with a few notes: “43kg”, “comeback”, and “when it happens I’ll write.” I personally don’t think she needs to lose weight, especially to be under 100 lbs. But I really am looking forward to her comeback this year =)

[110123] Magolpy Cyworld Update

22 Jan

Aw, she dyed her hair back to a normal hair color…but she looks nice =)

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[101211] Magolpy Cyworld Update

10 Dec

Magolpy mentions in one of her other pictures that she has watched the new Korean movie “Petty Romance” twice! XD I really want to watch that movie too ^_^

^At Pretty People

She also lists what she has completed this year and from April to October, she received 14 units attending SAS (Seoul Action School). The short film was “Wake Up From A Dream.” (She only had like a small cameo in the short film though.)