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May Doni Sings Adam Lambert’s “What Do You Want From Me?”

7 Feb

As May Doni releases yet another stellar cover of Adam Lambert’s “What Do You Want From Me?,” I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that wishes she had her own official You Tube Channel.
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[110116] Dia poses with May Doni

15 Jan

I guess Dia and May Doni along with their guy friend Young Gil went to hang out a little bit this past few days =)

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May Doni returns with Hwanhee for a duet~

28 Dec

May Doni returns with Hwan Hee for a beautiful duet. It caught me by a huge surprise as I didn’t expect for her to return so soon =) Nonetheless, check out what our partner at thinks about the new song~

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[101218] May Doni covers Outsider’s Loner

21 Dec

May Doni does a great short cover of Outsider’s Loner.

She is the upcoming movie White set to release next year~

[101212] Dia & May Doni poses together~

11 Dec

Dia shares more pictures of her and May Doni ^-^

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[101128] Dia & May Doni selca~

28 Nov

Dia and May Doni pose together for a selca.

May Doni also left a message for Dia thanking her for the help to promote the film~ The release date for the movie “White” is expected to be February 2011.