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Navi & Jin Sung of Monday Kiz sings “We Really Did Love Each Other”

19 Jul

kya~ Jin Sung sounds fabulous ^_^ and of course, Navi never fails to impress

[100624] Taesabiae & Monday Kiz @ The Pub

24 Jun

I love The Pub haha They always have great artists on except the sad thing is, in order to view the full show, I have to purchase the video but it’s not that much, only 700 won per video. Tomorrow is Urban Zakapa, I think and pretty soon Code V and Yoari will be on The Pub also.

But thanks to Mnet, my cherished Youtube channel MardiLuminosity’s gone. There goes my 1000+ subscribers and many many videos. Grr…

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Monday Kiz’s Jin Sung & Ilac Releases Digital Single “Letter”

2 Nov

Jin Sung and Ilac who has collaborated many times through project group “Voice One” has returned with a digital single titled “Letter.” The itself is “Letter” and the MV was released today.


Music video under the cut.

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