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Napoleon Dynamite releases “Mine” single

31 Jan

Rock band Napoleon Dynamite returns as two for this new single. The single consists of three tracks, the first being My Mistake, a slow sorrowful song with a sad melody. 멀어져 가네 (Walking Away) is a mid-tempo track that talks about the lives that were lost and the regrets one has while the title track Mr. Alzheimer has a sweet emotional piano melody.

Overall, a superb single! It’s much slower compared to their upbeat and funky type of music but still some pretty awesome music here~ I would most definitely purchase the single if it was sold online T_T Only their first album is sold online. Too bad. This is a pretty good single.

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Rock band Napoleon Dynamite to return with new single

27 Jan

Rock band Napoleon Dynamite is returning with a fresh start as two members. The band formed in 2007 and debuted in 2008 as a mixed band (four males and one female) but returned with “Summer Night” in 2009 without the female guitarist. However, they did replace her with a new guitarist (Yoon Soo Min), who is one of the two remaining band members. The other member remaning is vocalist Napoleon (real name Seo Kang Yoon).
The single is titled “Mr. Alzheimer” in which it is also the title track. The other two tracks are My Mistake and 멀어져가네 (Walking Away). It is set to release on February 1st.

If you’re not familiar with their music, do check them out below ^^

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Napoleon Dynamite, Sugar Donut, etc. for Into The K-League album~

23 Aug

Into the K-League is an amazing album!~ Artists include No Brain, Napoleon Dynamite, Sugar Donut, Sweet Revenge, Yellow Monsters, etc. I really recommend listening to the album ^_^