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[100908] Bohemian & Nia @ M Rookies

8 Sep

New duo Bohemian performs their debut track Love Letter while Nia performs Forest of Memories

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[100811] Nia & Yoari @ M Rookies

11 Aug

Yoari strongly belts out her solo debut track “Excuse Me” while 4girl band Nia sings their comeback track “Forest of Memories” and has a special stage performing Wonder Girl’s Nobody

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Nia releases new single~

27 Jul

The four-women band is BACK!! And of course, their new single sounds awesome~ I just love So Yeon’s vocals and everyone sounds great. Hope that you guy will enjoy it too


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Nia to release 3rd single on July 28th!!

19 Jul

It has been a long while since I’ve last updated on female band Nia. Recently on their Cyworld club, they announced they will released their 3rd single “기억의 숲 (Remember the Forest) (BuenRetiro)” on the 28th of this month. Please look forward to it!

Below are some new pictures of them from their upcoming single

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[100425] Nia street performing

5 May

Must watch for Nia fans <333
It's so awesome to hear them live but I laughed so much at that little girl…who took Nia's money haha

[100416] Hwang Bo Narae on guitar & singing

18 Apr

Her 2nd video ^_^

[100407] Hwang Bo Narae on guitar & singing

7 Apr

Nia’s awesome guitarist talks a bit about her guitar and sings ^_^
I haven’t updated on them for a while because well, I thought that Nia fans would @ the international forum
…but it doesn’t seem like it, I don’t know why….so I went ahead and went to find some new stuff