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MV Teaser: Navi ft. Noel – 그대여서

27 Mar

Navi and Noel teams up to release a Cyworld Music project single “Together Forever.”

So far it sounds pretty good! =) Cannot wait to hear the full song.

Group Noel will make comeback under Navi’s management, ITM Entertainment

21 Aug

Group Noel who debuted in 2002 under JYP and has great hits like 청혼 (Propose) and 전부너였다 is now managed by ITM Entertainment. To be managed by a still-growing company, it has its ups and downs, like less promotions BUT if there’s one thing I know about ITM Entertainment, they value their artist (s) aka Navi. In 2007, Noel disbanded (?) but they are now reunited for a comeback. Not only that, the talented vocal groups like Wanted, Soulstar and Vibe will be making comebacks this fall as well!

I’m super excited that Noel is under ITM Entertainment as the company surely shows they appreciate their artists’ passion for music, as we’ve seen through Navi. Hope they can do a collab?! ^^ And to hear that these amazing soulful artists are having their comebacks after such a long time? Pure awesomeness.