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Ilac collabs with Outsider for “장난친거”

25 Jan

Although Outsider has already enlisted in the military, you can still hear him in this collaboration with solo singer Ilac was released today. Ilac’s powerful voice alongside Outsider’s smooth rap creates an upbeat and refreshing track =)

[101107] Outsider with Kuan & Park Ki Young @ The M Wave

8 Nov

On the most recent episode of the M Wave, we have Kuan featuring with Outsider for their track “Break Up Attitude” and Park Ki Young with her comeback song “The Lights.”

[100526] Bora unplugged with Outsider & Boni

26 May

I totally enjoyed watching this and do not regret downloading/buying it. They sound great live and Boni looks so pretty here =)

Outsider & Boni sounds fabulous together here~ Her voice gives me goosebumps ❤

*edit: and thanks to Mnet, I had to re-upload them all. T_T*

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