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Paran’s Ace sings for Real School OST

7 Feb

NH Media’s “senior” group Paran member Ace lends his voice for a ballad track off the first OST for Real School featuring three U-Kiss members.

Ace is currently in the musical “Audition” with Bebe Mignon member Ben.

Paran’s Ace in musical “Audition”

1 Feb

This will be Ace’s second musical, after “The Twelfth Night.” It starts February 5th-March 27th. His solo debut album is probably postponed til then. Ryan is in the musical Legally Blonde and will be in another one until late May. Neo is currently serving the army and I’m not sure about P.O. and AJ.

Paran is under the same management as idol group U-Kiss.

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T-Blue to have Japanese showcase in November

2 Oct

On November 6th, T-Blue along with Miss S, Jung Seul Gi and Paran’s Ace will be in Tokyo for a promotion concert~ In this event, FujiTV, NHK, Yomiuri Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun, Sankei Sports broadcasts, newspapers, advertisements, records, magazines and other Japanese officials in the major media will be present. It is expected about 1,000 people will attend.

As T-Blue’s Japanese showcase begins, so will their official live performances and activities start. Starring the mysterious and charming Min Hyo Rin in rookie group T-Blue’s new music video, she has been chosen as the heroine. The music video is set to release October 6th in their new album.

T-Blue released their first mini album “The First Storee” last June and was dubbed the “2nd SG Wannabe.”

Their first stage performance was on M Rookies.

Paran member Ace solo musical debut~

1 Sep

Paran’s Ace reveals his transformation for his musical debut. Ahead of his first solo album which is set to release in October, he is part of the musical “2010 십이야 (2010 Twelfth Night). Debuting in 2005, Paran has received lots of love throughout Asia. The musical “2010 Twelfth Night” will start September 3rd.

I would like to also say a belated Happy 5th Anniversary for the guys. They debuted August 23, 2005~ Many years of great music indeed~ I really miss them T_T

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[100711&100712] Paran’s Ryan Cyworld Update~

20 Jul

I’m not digging his long hair…but…it doesn’t look too bad on him ^_^


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Paran’s Ryan casted in musical “Toxic Hero”

4 Jul

The musical is titled “톡식 히어로 (Toxic Hero)” and set to open on August 14th. These are his new pictures =) but boy, I’m missing them a lot. Neo already left to the army so…we’ll have to probably wait another two years, but it depends if Ace, AJ, P.O. or Ryan decides to enlist also.

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