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[101107] B’Brown, Guyz, H.Jung, etc. @ Live Power Music

9 Nov

This week on Live Power Music, we have a lot of new artists~ Ranging from soft R&B vocals B’Brown to new trot singer Sun Duk, there’s a variety of performances that you guys should give a try. Remember that once you watch these performances, if you’re interested in them, make sure to request for their profile! But I’ll probably have them up this week anyway ^-^

[101107] Outsider with Kuan & Park Ki Young @ The M Wave

8 Nov

On the most recent episode of the M Wave, we have Kuan featuring with Outsider for their track “Break Up Attitude” and Park Ki Young with her comeback song “The Lights.”

[101016] Park Ki Young @ Sketchbook

15 Oct

Park Ki Young performed one of her most well known hits ‘Butterfly’ and a new song off her album, ‘꼭 한 번만.’

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[101010] Deevine, Kan Jong Wook & Park Ki Young @ The M Wave

12 Oct

We have fresh faces on The M Wave this week. Deevine performs his new upbeat track Bad, while Park Ki Young returns with her 7th album title track The Lights. On the other hand, we have J2 member Kan Jong Wook with his new single track B.O.Y. (Because of You).

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