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ZY, Phonebooth, Hot Potato & EZ Hyoung @ Green Plugged Festival

25 May

If I had attended this in Korea, I wouldn’t make it back to the states. This festival was infested with freakin awesome music~ Indie is ♥

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[100509] Phonebooth @ Club SSAM

12 May

^______________________^ Loving their new album =) I’m still kind of stuck to 유리문 though XD

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Phonebooth 2nd Album “By Me For Me Of Me” Download

27 Apr

omg, finally…..took me two hours to download and upload…
my fave tracks so far would have to be tracks 3, 7, 9 and 10

폰부스 (Phonebooth) 2nd Album – By Me For Me Of Me
Genre: Rock
Bit rate: 320 kbps

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Phonebooth comes back with “별빛에 젖어”

27 Apr

I was waiting for their 2nd album to release. I loved their first album “The Way to Live On” and am sure I’ll love their second (By me For me Of Me” also. The second album is already out and I’ll be uploading it ^^

For now, let’s enjoy the new MV while I go buy the album off of Mnet ^_^

[Profile] Phonebooth

9 Mar

I first heard of Phonebooth when I had to review their first album for Soompi…I really liked them then~ XD They are currently working on their 2nd album and I can’t wait since I really liked their first album~

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