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New MV: Ran’s Ten Ways You Lie

17 Feb

Ran releases a new ballad track, “너를 위한 10가지 거짓말 (Ten Ways You Lie).”

Ran’s “The World Gave Me A Beautiful Gift” MV featuring 8eight’s Baek Chan released~

17 Sep

Though the MV itself does not feature Baek Chan or Ran, the song itself is really beautiful ^-^

Ran releases MV teaser for “The World Gave Me A Beautiful Gift” ft Baek Chan of 8eight

16 Sep

A little over a year, Ran returns with her new EP, Present. The main title track is 세상이 내게 준 아름다운 선물 (The World Gave Me A Beautiful Gift) , featuring the smooth rap of 8eight’s Baek Chan.

View the pictures from her EP below the cut~

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