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[110401] More pictures of Rare’s new image

2 Apr

Rare writes “First picture of 2011. Soon a nice image will appear.”

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[110401] Rare’s new image

31 Mar

Rare, who released his first mini album back in September, updated his Cyworld with a new picture titled “New image.” The description for the picture was “…and shooting. Three in one.” It looks like it might be for a new release, so I’m crossing my fingers. His first mini album was really catchy~

I’m really liking his hair too XP I think it suits him more~

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[101212] B’ Brown, ENS, Rare, etc. @ Live Power Music

14 Dec

For this Live Power Music episode, we have B’ Brown, ENS, Rare, Soul Harmony and Song Cry performances! XD Please enjoy them~ =)

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[101127] Rare reveals his living quarters

27 Nov

Rare reveals his living quarters. He lives on the 20th floor with two levels? I’m not sure if he lives with anyone since I couldn’t translate his post. He has a pretty nice place XD

^ I spot Ajoo’s CD!! =)

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[101024] Deevine & Rare @ Live Power Music

26 Oct

Rare and Deevine were on the most recent airing of Live Power Music. Enjoy their performances below ^_^

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[101023] Rare performs “Nightmare,” “New Star,” & “Where Are You”

23 Oct

Rare performed all three of his songs at KBS’s N Presidential Cup, Closing Ceremony of E Sports Competition. Wish there was an official video though. The fancam isn’t that great~

[101018] Rare “Nightmare” fancam and meet + greet

19 Oct

The fancam was good, showed his vocals off but the thing that really BLEW MY MIND….was those crazy fans!! I just laughed and laughed but at the same time…feared for Rare’s life? Unbelievable lol at least for me. Probably you guys have seen this sort of thing before…but I’ve never been to a Kpop concert or even something like this…

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