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[111023] EI & Rubber Duckie @ Live Power Music

25 Oct

Female rock band Rubber Duckie & rookie EI perform at Live Power Music~

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New MV+pictures: Rubber Duckie’s Ugly Duckling Story

29 Aug

Rubber Duckie released their first album “Ugly Duckling Story” on August 17th. The original members consisted of Jia, Bae Mi and Baeky but it seems Baeky is no longer in the group and Sunny joined them. Their title track is pretty catchy and the rest of the album is pretty good. They went to Guam to film their MV.

Below are their first album pictures and make sure to check out their album! I’ll make an update on their profile soon.

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[Profile] Rubber Duckie

6 Nov

There are a lot of rock bands out there and it’s hard to really pick a favorite and keep track of all of them. My favorite song from Rubber Duckie is “Everyday Everyday” but I also really like their first single ^-^ Hope you guys find time to check them out too~

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New singles: Rubber Duckie & Swin

7 Oct

Two more new singles today. Rubber Duckie is a female rock band who released their first single album in February. Last month they released their single “고맙다 수원.” On the other hand, Swin is a new male solo singer who released his 1st single today. His R&B ballad track is really good, even better live~ ^-^

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You can listen to the songs below

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