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Chung Lim and Run on Dream Team 2

6 Dec

hehe…I like the both of them, well, you know who I love more anyway but….this is a cap from Dream Team 2. I was wondering when Run was going to show up. But anywho…….they are looking good. But it just makes me miss Chung Lim more. It’s not that he’s not doing anything but I just miss him performing on the music stages….

credits to Chung Lim’s fan cafe

Run, Official Pics #2

3 Nov

More official pics that I found. Told you he’s a major hottie ^^

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Run, Random Cyworld Pics

3 Nov

since I just found his cyworld, I’ll compile all the pics here in this post. When new pics come up, I’ll date them and translate, etc.
New company, new album, wayyyyyy new look…..
still love him though. He’s grown from cute and mature looking to major total hottie! not that he wasn’t ever…but you know what i mean.

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[Profile] Run

3 Nov

I thought I posted up his profile but I guess I didn’t…I still am annoyed with his new look and his new company but hey, I guess it’s just a must. I just wish he released a ballad song too because that’s how I’ll always love him by…


Here it is…

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[RUN] Official New Pictures~

16 Oct

These are the smokin’ hot pictures of Run aka Lee Bul! They look amazing don’t they?? I hope that Loen promotes him well~ I expect them too. I’m serious. If it took Lee Bul a damn name change, a company change and new looks for better recognition then heck, give him that! Since I knew Lee Bul first as a ballad singer it’s kind of awkward for me still to see him like this. But it’s good ^^ Oh but I think I read that he lost 10 kg for this. T_T

pictures under the cut!

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