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MV Teaser: Seo Youn Jung’s Oh My God

19 Apr

Seo Youn Jung released her debut single “Oh My God” on April 18th. The song features new singer Urban Space, who also collaborated with Tokyo Girl. What do they all have in common?? Well, they do have great vocals, just like Dia and from the looks of it, seems like Dr. 9 (Dia’s vocal coach) are also their vocal trainer? That’s just an assumption but Seo Youn Jung is under Dr. 9’s management, or somewhat like that.

Seo Youn Jung has sung for three OSTs (Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Soul Special & Bitter Love) and was also featured in the chorus of Urban Space’s song.

The chorus is a bit similar to Gil Hak Mi’s Super Soul (in my opinion) but I still think it’s a nice song and I look forward to future releases from the Seo Youn Jung and the mentioned artists.

You can listen to the full song below.

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