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Soulstar “Like A Man” original guide vocals

16 Jun

this is the original guide vocals for Fly To the Sky’s ‘Like a Man(남자답게).’ The song was originally Soulstar’s~~please excuse the poor english~They didn’t write the lyrics~

*that’s what Lee Kyu Hoon wrote on his cyworld XD*

Soulstar and Rhymer releases Winter Line single

16 Dec

Soulstar, who has been inactive for a good two years, is back! Well, not ‘officially’ but they released a Christmas single with Rhymer. Other artists who have participated in this sort of Christmas single is Navi, Mighty Mouth, Alex of Clazziquai Project, As One, Bizniz, etc. and they have all turned out to be good. ^________^

I think an MV will release really soon….so I might upload it XD

[Profile] Soulstar

5 Nov

Soulstar is one of the best Korean male groups ever. All their songs are recommended and they do not disappoint at all. If you don’t know them, shame on you. A lot of idol artists (esp. male ones) have covered a few Soulstar songs because of the R&B feel.

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[091027] Seung Woo Cyworld Pics

5 Nov

I need to get ready go to my parents’ house to babysit, at 6 in the morning! It’s not time yet but I need to do some things first. I’m going to walk in the cold too T_T But before I do so, I wanted to post some Seung Woo pics. Seung Woo is from one of the most awesomest (I know that’s not a word but I just like using it) R&B trio ever, Soulstar. I totally recommend listening to ALL their songs (DL @ DL tab). When I get home tomorrow, I promise to get their profile up for you guys. I have a long waiting list actually haha but Soulstar’s one of them so no worries ^^ I really recommend their music, along with 4Men.


Hm, I’ve also noticed that I tend to favor R&B artists (i.e. Navi, 4Men, Soulstar, Brown Eyes, Jay’ Ed, Jasmine, etc.) Hey, they’re good.

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