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[110305] Sung Yoo Bin Band Live

16 Mar

I found some fancams and pictures of Sung Yoo Bin and his band at their concert on March 5th in Hongdae. Some of the guests there were Defconn, Nassun (Yeizon) and his older brother actor Lee Tae Sung.

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Sung Hyun Bin releases “Night, Train, Travel”

6 Mar

Not knowing who this fellow man is, I researched on Youtube if he had any previous songs released. I clicked on his “Be Myself Again” cover and I instantly fell in love with his voice. “Night, Train, Travel” is his second single. His first single “Mellow Snow” was released in late January. Although his title track “Night, Train, Travel” isn’t my absolute favorite, his first track “Don’t Stop” and my favorite track, the third song “자장가” are really quite good. Please do check out his music. It’s a little mixture of indie ballad =)

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