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MV Teaser: BOB4’s Mystery Girl

9 Jun

Sung Yoo Bin’s band BOB4 (Band of Boys 4) releases their MV teaser for their upcoming track “Mystery Girl.” The release date is June 15th. It features actor 이태성 (Lee Tae Sung), Sung Yoo Bin’s older brother.

The band has a concert coming up on the 21st of June.




The song sounds so good so far! It has such a catching vibe to it, don’t you think?? Looking forward to the full release!

Sung Yoo Bin, B.O.B 4 Band competes in Top Band

12 Jul

Sung Yoon Bin is the vocalist of the band BOB4 Band, consisting of himself as the vocals, Hwang In Hee with drums, guitarist Choi Min Soo and bassist & maknae Kim Min Kyu. They are currently competing in the new KBS show Band Survival: Top Band. It seems like a pretty interesting show and you’ll be able to see aspiring rock/indie/underground bands.

Sung Yoo Bin to return with new band in March

15 Feb

Rock vocalist Sung Yoo Bin will return this March as new band Boys of Siren. They are to perform in Hongdae during the first week of March.

Last month, he was also featured in Hwang In Hoe’s song “이별” off the 2010 FAMILIA 展 album in which you can listen below.

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[Profile] Sung Yoo Bin

27 Feb

I can’t forget a profile if I uploaded a loadful of his videos earlier XD
Love his voice…

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Sung Yoo Bin Flashback Showcase (November 5th, 2009)

27 Feb

I know, it’s like about 5 months old but it never hurts to put it up. I uploaded all the videos from his showcase XD

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Sung Yoo Bin covers 2PM’s “I Hate You”

27 Feb

This was out around…September of 2009? But it never hurts to upload it and…since I’m a follower, kind of, of Sung Yoo Bin…it’s nice to hear him XD I always love his rock ballad style~

he also covered G-Dragon’s Heartbreaker.