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Shingun (신건) & Taesabiae (태사비애) Release “이 또한 지나가리라(This Too Shall Pass)”

1 Jan

Singers Shingun and group Taesabieae release a new track together this Christmas called, “또한 지나가리라 (This Too Shall Pass).” Enjoy!


[101014] Ji Ae Cyworld Update~

13 Oct

Taesabiae hasn’t been performing as a duo since their Sunflower promotions but Ji Ae is promoting with Sunny Side with their newest song Bad Guy Good Girl

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[100805] Ji Ae Cyworld Updates~

6 Aug

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[100730] Ji Ae Cyworld Update

29 Jul

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[100708] Bi Ae Cyworld Update~

8 Jul


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[100707] Ji Ae Cyworld Update~

7 Jul


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[100704] Taesabiae, Code V, & Ilac @ The M Wave

6 Jul

Taesabiae beautifully sang “Like A Flower in My Heart” with Mr. Gordo, Code V performs “Poisoning”, Ilac sings his newest song “Tears Burning” and one of his song from 2007, “Still In Love”. (By the way, he’s being featured on Soompi next week so be sure to check that out!)

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