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[Profile] The Apop

24 Jan

time for some emo/pop/punk rock (or whatever it’s called XD, I don’t know how to differentiate genres of music). The Apop [April Party of Pop[  has some pretty nice music and I decided to search them up (again) today, finding out they released a single in late November 2009 titled “Snowfall” in which I totally love the song! ^_^ It’s now my Myspace profile song…and…they’ll be releasing an EP this year. Yay. The Apop actually broke up but reunited with each other again.  You can read their interview here . Great site btw ^^ I feel like a loser listening to anything that isn’t Kpop though lol…I feel like an outsider because I don’t know much but I still love the music. Hey, music’s music. Whatever sounds great to my ears…then the rest falls along

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