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[110206] U.nic Cyworld Update

5 Feb

New pictures he shared on his Cyworld~

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[110114] Swini & Unic Live

21 Jan

Swini performs a remix of her song “Silly Boy” and does a cover of Narsha’s “I’m In Love.” Unic does a fantastic cover of “One Last Cry” and “소리쳐봐.”

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[Profile] U.nic

7 Nov

New star U.nic is under the same management as Swini, also a new rookie singer. Though they aren’t under a huge company and such, don’t let their voices fool you. I think his is pretty okay though =)

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[101024] Swini & U.nic @ Soundholic

7 Nov

Newcomers Swini and U.nic, both under Flex Entertainment, were recently at Hongdae Soundholic. Swini covered Karina’s Slow Motion while U.nic sang his debut track “First Time.” Swini also released “First Time” under a separate single.