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[120417] Urban Zakapa performs “Officially Missing You” and “Beautiful Day”

18 Apr

Co-ed trio Urban Zakapa performs “Officially Missing You” and “Beautiful Day” on Arirang’s Simply Kpop.

What can I say but they sounded so soothing and well performed. =)

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[110605] Dia & Urban Zakapa @ Live Power Music

9 Jun

Dia is on stage with “It Rained All Day” while Urban Zakapa is back with their new track “My Love.”

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[101002] Urban Zakapa fancams~

9 Oct

Today I have the awesome indie jazz band Urban Zakapa’s most recent performances~ They never fail to impress with their live performances and I also cannot wait for them to release a new album~

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Urban Zakapa in Fluxus Voices Vol. 3

31 Jul

I’m a day late but I was really looking forward to this. Urban Zakapa gets to pair up with awesome artists like Winterplay, Bye Bye Sea, etc. to sing this song =) Hope you guys enjoy(ed) it too.

Urban Zakapa to release new album this fall?

18 Jul

There is a possible chance that indie jazz group Urban Zakapa will release a new album this fall~ One of the vocalists, Kwon Soon Il wrote back to me after I left a message on their Cyworld club telling me how they are very excited of this new album. Because they want the new album to release this fall, for a few months they will be in the studio recording, etc. They are really looking forward to the new album and how we will like it. So when it does come out, please remember to support them and buy the album and/or spread the love ^_^

[100401] Urban Zakapa live sessions~

4 Apr

ah!!!!!!!! i love Urban Zakapa and am glad to see updates on them…
They sound soooooooooooooooooooooo awesome ^_^
I also did a slight update on their profile.

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Music Sheet Download Links

22 Dec

This is a page of all the downloads of sheet music of the artists that have profile information under this blog. All the sheets posted here are transcribed by me (smc330), so progress in making new sheets may be slow. So far, all of them are downloadable as PDFs in my 4shared account. If a link doesn’t work anymore, please let me know. This page is for download links in general. Updates about what has been added to this page will be posted up separately. Each sheet will be listed under the artist’s name.

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