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[101125] V. elieve mini fan meeting

28 Nov

I have pictures a fan from V. elieve’s Naver fan cafe from their first mini fan meeting

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[Profile] V. elieve

24 Nov

The duo has traveled between Korea and Japan this year, gaining lots of skills and experience from their long “underground life.” They went to Japan to try and secure a diverse fan base and the concert (held in August with 1000 seats) was a success. Their songs are composed by the same composers who wrote SNSD’s Run Devil Run, Boa’s Hurricane Venus and artists like SuJu, Lee Hyori, Kim Jong Kook, Secret, DBSK, FTTS, Shinhwa, etc. Don’t let their age fool you. They may be in their late 20’s but I really think they are good, as a lot of underrated artists are good~ =) Member Choi Joon Hyuk is dubbed as the ‘2nd Heo Gak’, look-wise? though I don’t see much resemblance.

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