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[100514] Wink Cyworld Updates~

13 May

gah, they are too pretty..


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[100510] Wink Sung Hee Cyworld Update~

9 May

Ah, I’m so busy this weekend I’ve had no time to update. Sorry about that~


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Wink No Cut Interview

24 Apr

new Wink pictures

22 Apr

They have a lot of photos…XD but I’m a bit tired to save them all, maybe another time.

anyway, they look so cute. I think this is for Kids’ Day


below are some cyworld updates

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[100410] Wink & Yoo Seung Chan on Music Core

10 Apr

Wink with “Fantastic”

their songs always sound quite good XD

and Yoo Seung Chan with “Chemistry”

I really like this song

Wink releases music video for “얼쑤”

8 Apr

Wink filmed their music video ” 얼쑤 (Fantastic)” in Guam XD It’s really nice to see them ^_^

[100328] Wink’s Ju Hee eats a meal~

28 Mar

She’s so think….so deserves to eat this big meal XD


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