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Yoari’s ballad version of “Appear” for Secret Garden OST Special

22 Jan

I just realized there is a ballad version to Yoari’s female version of “Appear” from Secret Garden Special OST. If you compare it to the original female version, this version has the less dramatic music and has a more touching feel, but still really good. I really love this version (and others would probably prefer it more) but I think both versions still retain Yoari’s music style. However, I prefer the original more because I can hear Yoari’s unique voice that is really one of the main reasons I love her. Still, great job Yoari! ^-^

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Yoari releases female version of “Appear” for Secret Garden OST

26 Dec

Awesome Yoari releases her female version of Kim Bum Soo’s 나타나! XD I love it ^^ I haven’t bothered with the drama itself but I really was looking forward to the song as I could just imagine how she’d sing it like and of course, I’m quite satisfied~ Hope that you guys enjoy it~~

[101203] Yoari Cyworld Update

2 Dec

Yoari updates her Cyworld sporting a new hairdo~ ^^ It seems she has a darker hair color and some bangs =)

[101104] Yoari Cyworld Update~

3 Nov

I miss her ❤ I don’t know what she’s currently doing though.

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[101024] Yoari Cyworld Update~

23 Oct

Ah, I miss seeing her updates and her live performances~

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[100822] Yoari Cyworld Update~

21 Aug

She writes on her diary “It hurts. Resting” I don’t know what that means but hope she feels better =)

[100814] Yoari Cyworld Update~

14 Aug

She writes “I’m not too close and scaring you, am I?” haha She would never scare me, picture wise. She’s really pretty =)

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