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Music Bank (January 22, 2010)

22 Jan

I’m kind of tired because I’ve been sitting all day long T_T…I only had time to upload 3 performances today, Yoon Seo Jin’s and Dia’s….and Yeo Hoon Min’s…I thought AB Avenue was going to perform but they didn’t…how sad because I was really looking forward to their performance.

Yeo Hoon Min with “Bus”

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Music Bank (January 15, 2010)

15 Jan

Today……………….we have……………….

AB Avenue, Yoon Seo Jin, Lucy, Dia, and KCM.

KCM performing “One Day”

I’m gonna research him now….^^…when time permits…

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Music Bank (January 8, 2010)

8 Jan

I’m not sure I want to continue uploading -_-…I already have one warning…and my two of my videos got disabled (H-Eugene ft. Navi and Yoon Seo Jin’s)……they both had the most views, not much but still the most of all the ones I uploaded so far…..If I stop I will probably just put up other people’s videos…hehe


Line up: Lucy, AB Avenue, JD, Yoon Seo Jin, Lyn, and KCM

Lucy with “1 Year 365 Days”

I like the song ^^ and the way she dressed on stage, I’ve seen before but it’s cute ;D
I posted her profile up not too long ago also ^^ I’m happy she performed.

more performances under the cut

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Underrated Artists on Music Core (January 2, 2010)

1 Jan

So I kind of forgot that Music Core was on today….but I had time to update on a few artists.

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[Profile] Yoon Seo Jin

1 Jan

It’s incomplete because I can’t find any personal info yet

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Underrated Artists on Music Bank (January 1, 2010)

1 Jan

I do not upload live performances anymore because  that’s the sole reason my accounts on Youtube get warned, however, I made a special account just for lives! Haha….the reason is because Navi was performing today and I couldn’t miss it for the world~ I still do not have internet at my house but I go to my uncle’s house daily to update…but I don’t stay overnight  (that’s when the performances are out but there are a few exceptions, like tonight)….But….I might re-consider that. I’m not sure yet.

Anyway, today I bring to you guys a few underrated artists that performed on Music Bank tonight.

View the videos under the cut!

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